How To Subscribe

Today… Today is the day you decided to OWN YOUR LIFE! Now you may be asking yourself “where do I begin?” In order to access all of the material you will need on your DDPY journey, you must first subscribe. The longer you subscribe, the more BANG for your buck!   Go to and create…

Navigate Dashboard

After subscribing and creating your DDP YOGA NOW! account, you will notice several tiled screens. These screens will be your landing strip for all things DDP YOGA NOW! You can check out your next scheduled workout or see what’s happening on  DDP TV. Your will always have the option of heading back to your score…

How to Use Tracker

Tracker has everything you need in your journey to owning your life. Just check out these screenshots! The best fitness system on the planet needs a tracker that kicks ass just as much, right??? Our DDP YOGA NOW! App tracker has everything you need for your journey to OWN YOUR LIFE. The most KICK-ASS fitness…

How To Pair A Heart Rate Monitor

When paired with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, The DDP YOGA NOW! App lets you make sure you are always in your target heart rate zone for optimum fat burning or when you need to town it down and take it into Safety Zone.

DDPY Workouts

The DDP YOGA NOW! App features an ever-growing library of pre-recorded and live workouts at your fingertips. OWNING YOUR LIFE has never been easier. You can customize by selecting your workout level or category, and can even save your favorites for easy viewing.

Offline Mode

DDP YOGA NOW! is all about making it your own. That includes which mode you’d like to use- Online or Offline. In this day of data plans with limits and overages, DDP wanted to save users $$$ by adding an Offline Mode. Download your workout videos and track your performance just like online mode. After…

Syncing Workouts

If you enjoy completing your DDP YOGA workouts offline, you will need to sync your results once an internet connection is available.  

Customize Workout Section