Extreme Workouts

10 Minute Warmup – 10 MinutesHip, Back, and Knee Opener Workout – 40 MinutesJust what it says, great for really opening things up and gaining strength and flexibility! Extreme Psycho Workout – 1 Hour 4 MinutesPush yourself to the limit! If you want a real challenge, this is it! The most challenging workout on the…

Rebuild Workouts

DDPY REBUILD is a unique program designed specifically for those 55 years and older and those who struggle with limited mobility. Through a progressive series of workouts, you’ll build strength, increase flexibility, decrease pain, and turn back the hands of time. If you’re ready to REBUILD YOUR LIFE, then DDPY Rebuild is the perfect fit. Bed…

Kidz Workouts

DDP YOGA 4 Kidz Beginner – 28 MinutesGet the same great DDP Yoga beginner workout made just for kids ages 8-15. DDP YOGA 4 Kidz Fun & Energy – 30 MinutesHave a blast with this Fun & Energy DDP Yoga workout made just for kids! DDP YOGA 4 Kidz Extreme – 43 MinutesGet the same…

Diamond Dozen

The DDP Yoga Diamond Dozen includes the key 13 moves of the DDP Yoga Fitness System. (I guess we should call it a “Baker’s Dozen” – or let’s just say I was never very good at math). You’ll learn these fundamental moves at the heart of every DDP Yoga workout. You’ll also learn about Dynamic…


Now that you are familiar with the Diamond Dozen, ENERGY! takes those moves and incorporates them into an energizing 20-minute workout designed to wake up your body. This is a great starting point for anyone new to DDP Yoga – or for when you only have 20 minutes to exercise. While it’s designed for beginners,…

Fat Burner

Crank it up and get ready to sweat! This 25 minute DDP Yoga DVD provides a total body workout and targets problem areas like abs, arms, thighs and butt. This fast-paced, high-cardio emphasis focuses on carving fat off your body in a compact, time-saving workout.

The Diamond Cutter

You know this one’s gotta be good because I named it after my signature move. We focus on every part of your body while we build strength, increase flexibility, and give you a cardio workout like you’ve never had. Wanna lose weight quickly or tone up? Guess what?  This is for you!

Red Hot Core

If you’ve got a little extra hanging over your waistband, this DVD has your name all over it! Sexy, slim waistlines and ripped abs require a Red Hot Core workout! Take less than 15 focused DDP Yoga minutes to build core strength and create that flat stomach or six-pack of your dreams.

Below the Belt

Okay, ladies… I specifically had you in mind for this one. Here we’re focusing on holding back the hands of time in your butt and thighs. And fellas, you’ll gain incredible strength in your most powerful muscle groups – glutes and thighs.

Stand Up

Get off your butt with this 30 minute, highly condensed DDP Yoga workout that has you standing at all times and focusing on balance.  Perfect for those with bad knees, Stand Up! gives you a complete workout on your feet, with no impact.

Strength Builder

This time-saving 35 minute DDP Yoga workout focuses on strengthening techniques for those body parts that tend to break down first—knees, hips, shoulders, and back. Just because you have a weak area doesn’t mean you can’t exercise! This no impact workout helps to build up your weakest link, and keeps you in top form.

Double Black Diamond

Get ready to sweat and swear! This is my own personal workout for serious fanatics who are ready, or think they’re ready! Only experts need apply. In Double Black Diamond, we turn up the burn, sweat it out, and take strength and flexibility to a whole new level. If you’re someone who always wants a…

Wake Up

Work out the kinks, first thing in the morning, with this 10 minute routine to wake up your muscles, loosen your joints, and fill your body with energy.  Wake Up is a great way to start your day, every day, and keep you going all day long!        


The main benefits are body fat loss, lean muscle growth, and improved cardiovascular performance, without placing undue stress on the joints. DDP Yoga is currently used by professional football players, more than 40 professional wrestlers, MMA fighters, and regular, everyday people who want to perform at optimum levels and place themselves in the best position to improve their quality of life. At the same time, morbidly obese individuals have inspired us with their own DDP Yoga success stories!
DDP Yoga is the evolution of what was formerly the YRG Fitness System, which is best known for what many say is the most dramatic transformation in the health and fitness industry