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Setting Goals

One of the most important things I learned in my wrestling career is to set clear and realistic goals. When it comes to ANYTHING you want in life, including fitness and nutrition, I believe you must set specific goals for yourself and then be single-minded in your focus, each and every day. These goals may vary from wanting to tone up and gain energy to transforming your body to a completely unrecognizable physical specimen of health and fitness! Any body transformation is achievable, but you must be willing to put in the effort to get there. If you want the extreme transformation, you must be willing to sacrifice in order to reap the rewards.

How much are you willing to commit to DDP Yoga? Only you can make a realistic goal for yourself.

Don’t just think it, INK IT! Once you settle on your goal… write it down! I can’t stress enough the importance of seeing your goals each and every day. You must know where you are going if you ever want to get there! Write down those goals and tape them to the bathroom mirror, to your computer monitor, to your refrigerator… anywhere you can remind yourself to stay focused. Remember, this is the DDP Yoga Fitness System, a combination of life-changing workouts, mind set, and nutrition… and you can only build your momentum by working the program, committing to the exercise and food plan, and making it a permanent part of your life.

Just think SMACK!. Make goals for yourself that are Specific and Measurable. Go to the back pages of this guide and write down your weight and measurements. Start off slowly and set realistic, Achievable goals. This will help to build your confidence

as you achieve milestones along the way. Then make sure your goal is Compatible to your lifestyle. Maybe you decide to do three DDP Yoga workouts a week. If that is your goal, make it your ritual. And once you do all that, Keep it going!