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Workout Overview

Strength Builder

This time-saving 35 minute DDP Yoga workout focuses on strengthening techniques for those body parts that tend to break down first—knees, hips, shoulders, and back. Just because you have a weak area doesn’t mean you can’t exercise! This no impact workout helps to build up your weakest link, and keeps…

Double Black Diamond

Get ready to sweat and swear! This is my own personal workout for serious fanatics who are ready, or think they’re ready! Only experts need apply. In Double Black Diamond, we turn up the burn, sweat it out, and take strength and flexibility to a whole new level. If you’re…

Wake Up

Work out the kinks, first thing in the morning, with this 10 minute routine to wake up your muscles, loosen your joints, and fill your body with energy.  Wake Up is a great way to start your day, every day, and keep you going all day long!      …