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When it comes to bad eating habits, I like to remind my members of Team DDP Yoga, “It’s not your fault!” Most of us were raised with bad habits – and not because our parents didn’t love us or want the best for us… they just weren’t educated on how to feed us nutritious food.  Think about your early birthday parties. We were programmed from a young age that the most exciting thing we can do on our very special day is eat as much cake, ice cream, and candy as we want! If gorging on sweets is the ultimate in fun, we come to accept that as a pattern. We come to believe that having a really good time includes eating lots of crappy food. I get how we all got here, but now we have to undo those bad habits. DDP Yoga Fitness System to the rescue!

Bottom line: I don’t eat anything that doesn’t taste good. People think if you’re losing weight the food has to taste bad… not with DDP Yoga! All the foods taste great.   

Once you have lost the weight, you can bring back some of these foods in moderation. Until that time, “What do you WANT?” If you want to have these things every now and then while you are losing weight, you are going to slow your progress. It doesn’t mean you can never have another glass of wine, but you might save it for a special occasion while you are trying to shake those bad habits. In fact, alcohol should always be treated with moderation. The worse offenders are foo-foo drinks like margaritas and daiquiris with sugary mixers or drinks made with cream. If you are going to blow it on alcohol, stay away from these offenders. A glass of wine, a light beer, a vodka with soda water or a chilled shot of good tequila are some less fattening options. It’s always best to eliminate all alcohol while you’re trying to lose weight, but if you’re going to stray, these are better choices.

I know it sucks… but, what do you want?

regular or diet

bread, pasta, crackers, etc.

trans fats


Sucralose, Aspartame, Saccharin, etc.

white, brown, corn syrup, etc.